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A forum on SODA Sheet Music?


Hi to all!

Well you may have been aware that once upon a time there was a forum in SODA Sheet Music. No, you don't remember? Er... yes ok, spammers ruined everything, and I had to close it :(

BUT! I still think that a forum should be born here - I won't choose the same forum software for it anyways. Do you think it's a good idea?

And I don't know what "forums" and "Categories" I would like to put on this forum. I thought of simply things like categories such as "General" and "Music", divided in forums like "General discussions" and "present yourself" for the General category, and "Music in general", "Transcriptions", "Video and Audio" for the Music category.
Do you have other suggestions to make it better?

Please answer the poll at your right to give your opinion, and/or comment this article to make suggestions!

Thanks for your advice (just comment the article by clicking below), and thanks for making SODA Sheet Music live by supporting it!

The SODA Sheet Music Team.

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 September 2009 22:02  

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