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Home Soda's MP3 Improvisations 04/09/2009 - Soda - Impro - Tonight the mood is calm

04/09/2009 - Soda - Impro - Tonight the mood is calm



This one is of good quality! Finally I managed to do it! In fact, I make these long improvisations (this one's length is 25 min) for a friend's wedding. These mp3 should be the music background while the guests enter, because it wasn't possible to rent a piano for the evening... I hope it will be good enough for her, because I spent lots of time to be able to finally make an impro of acceptable quality!

This mp3 is in fact a medley of various songs ponctuated with improvisations. "Tonight the mood is calm" is the title, because I feel calm and not in a jazzy mood tonight. My impros sound very calm and romantic, even if I tried to make my right hand move more than usual.

Here are the arranged songs:

  • Joe Hisaishi - Summer (Kikujiro's Summer): yes again this one... I love this song :)
  • Antony & the Johnsons - Daylight and the sun
  • FictionJunction YURIKO KAIDA - Here we stand in the morning dew: Yuki Kajiura rules!
  • FictionJunction KAORI - Tsubasa
  • FictionJunction ASUKA - Everlasting song
  • Khmer song - Klach tae kroh
Have fun!
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