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Home Soda's MP3 Improvisations 29/08/2009 - Soda - Impro Medley 1 & 2

29/08/2009 - Soda - Impro Medley 1 & 2



Impro Medley 1: 30 mn of improvisation and arrangement, but I didn't know that my computer had a problem with the microphone: The sound quality is bad sometimes, especially when I play loud :(
Well it's sometimes ugly but don't pay attention please ^^
It sounds like I release the pedal, so it's ugly... This tune contains most of the time improvisation, but also known tunes arranged at my own way:

  1. Joe Hisaishi - Summer (Kikujiro's Summer OST)
  2. Pachelbel - Canon in D
  3. Joe Hisaishi - Okuribito (Departures OST)
  4. Fly me to the moon (Jazz standard)
  5. Oscar Peterson - Hymn to Freedom

Impro Medley 2: 13 mn of impro/arrangement. Still problems with the sound quality, I discovered it came from my netbook after (my old laptop is better to make records).
There is one arranged tune among the improvisation parts:

  1. Joe Hisaishi - Summer (Kikujiro's Summer OST)

The rest is improvisation ^^

Have fun!

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